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More than I can explain 
19e-fév-2004 02:04 pm
I'm having a moral dilemma and I thought I'd put it up for debate.

My aunt works for the municipality and two days ago she contacted my mother saying that the city told her to get the resumés of 10 somali youth that they're going to give well paying jobs to. Apparently the pay will be in the $23 range.

My aunt wants me to be one of those youth, however I'm slightly disturbed by that. I find it to be repugnant to so cynically benifit from ethnicity especially when I don't even believe that ethnicity has significance beyond the social sphere. Additionally, I'm sure that this was done because of the poverty amidsts some parts of the somali community. Except, I'm not poor.

What do you think?
19e-fév-2004 12:22 pm (UTC)

I am always in favor of taking advantage of the mistakes of others. Unless you know of someone more worthy of earning 23$ an hour, take the job.
19e-fév-2004 01:44 pm (UTC) - Re:
*sigh* I'm actually leaning towards what you're saying. What do you think of my concerns though, do they make no sense? That's what I'm afraid of.
19e-fév-2004 02:08 pm (UTC) - Hmm...
You raise an interesting point - The intent here probably is to give jobs to a community with a heavy concetration of poor people. However, that isn't the stated objective, either. You're not poor, but none of the other youths selected are required to be, either, and some probably won't be badly off. You're basically just benefiting from the fact that you happen to be Somali, in the age range your aunts employer is looking for, and known by your aunt - probably as a reliable, intelligent kid who could do the job.

Your other point - benefiting from ethnicity - is much harder, in my opinion. I find it odd, specifically because replacing "Somali" with "White" in that post would garner cries of racism, poverty or no. But that is beside the point - you are benefiting from ethnicity, in a way, but that is difficult to change. Would you turn down a scholarship specifically for Somali students, too? The problem is, this isn't exactly a $7 an hour job working in a gas station, either. Sure, you're benefiting. You're benefiting lots. But someone is going to, and at this point I really can't see how it is cynical, either. You've been given an opportunity, based on your race. I'm sure other people will get similar opportunities as well. Would you ask another person to turn down this job offer? If not, then why would you turn it down yourself?
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