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This is a debate community, which means that when you post a debate topic here about an issue you are concerned about, most of the reaction will NOT be of support and approval. You should expect to have to support your opinions with facts and logical arguments. While other members may chim in to support you, you will most of the time be left on your own. So, be prepared.

To join this community, click here. When you join, you may want to take the poll here and provide some new political links of interest here. Do not make introduction posts, introduce yourself by putting up a good debate topic.

The ABC:

A: Post debate topics.
A post here should introduce a debate and state a position that you are ready to defend. Try to give some background information if your issue is not well-known. Do not limit yourself to stating an opinion, you have to present arguments to defend your position.
The format for posting a debate topic is the following:
1) Subject line, for people who quickly browse debate topics.
2) Some background information on the subject at hand, for people who got interested in the debate topic.
3) Your position on the subject, with some reasoning to justify it, for people who would like to argue with you.
4) A question in conclusion of your post, so as to start the debate.
B: Do not make any insults or derogatory comments.
Do not make ad-hominem attacks. Do not use offensive or insulting icons. Do not subject anyone to sexist, racist, homophobic, classist, xenophobic or otherwise belligerent comments.

C: Use the "lj-cut" tag for long entries and quotes from articles. Refer back to websites instead of copying their content. How to use the lj-cut tag is explained here
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